SEX MARKS THE SPOT by Charles Grippo


5 m, 3 f

GENRE: Farce
SET: Single Set - A hotel suite
Time: The present
Length: Two Acts/110 minutes

Set in a hotel suite in a large Midwestern city, this two act farce contains readily identifiable characters: a conservative U.S. Senator trying to cover up a sex scandal; a porn star with a scheme to get herself loads of free publicity; and a tabloid television reporter, who keeps popping up in the strangest places. Adding to the fun are a hotel detective who would like to be Sam Spade (except God forgot to give him brains) and the Senator’s son, a war hero, with a secret of his own as timely as today’s headlines. Caught up in the commotion are the Senator’s loyal campaign manager, his drab press secretary (with a secret of her own), and the Senator’s very suspicious wife. Oh, yes, and there’s a window ledge outside the suite that contains more action than the whole hotel itself.

The situations are just naughty enough to provoke the sensibilities of a mainstream audience, yet not likely to offend anyone. Doors slam, men and women end up in their underwear, and all the characters collide in a plot that races at breakneck speed to an uproarious, unexpected conclusion.

Copyright 2011 © Charles Grippo